Directors’ Shareholdings

This information has been provided by the Group’s directors. The accuracy of information has not been independently verified by the Group as at 6/2/17.

Name Quantity Percentage
J. A. Treger 5,616,454 3.10%
D. Archer 20,000 0.01%
N. P. Meier 185,878 0.10%
R. H. Stan 155,540 0.09%
W. M. Blyth 137,590 0.09%
R. C. Rhodes 22,500 0.01%

Substantial Shareholdings

The Group has been notified, aside from the interests of Directors, of the following interests of 3% or more in the share capital of the Group at June 8, 2016.

Ordinary Shares at 2p each Representing
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP 17,952,410 9.92%
Aberforth Partners LLP 17,044,444 9.42%
Schroders PLC 12,210,712 7.19%
Ransome’s Dock Limited 7,489,360 4.51%
AXA Investment Managers UK (Framlington) 5,494,332 3.31%

Regulatory notifications of major shareholdings can be made to
Copies of received notifications are available through the News section of our website.
*Kings Chapel International Ltd is a connected person of Mr J. A. Treger