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Generating long-term cash returns The Group is seeking to grow its portfolio of cash-generative royalties and streams by investing in producing or near-term producing assets with long mine lives. Given the relatively low overhead requirements of the business, the Group believes cash flow to shareholders can be maximised through economies of scale, which would allow for growth in the portfolio without significantly increasing our cost base.
Lower risk through top-line, revenue participation in mining companies Revenue-based royalties limit the Group’s direct exposure to operating or capital cost inflation of the underlying mine operations, as there is no ongoing requirement for the Group to contribute to capital, exploration, environmental or other operating costs at mine sites.
Lower volatility through commodity and geographic diversification The Group is seeking to build a diversified portfolio of royalties across a variety of different commodities and geographic locations. Investing in royalties across a wide spectrum of commodities and jurisdictions reduces the dependency on any one asset or location and any corresponding cyclicality. A fully diversified portfolio can help to reduce the level of income volatility, stabilising cash flows which contribute towards investment and dividend payments.
Exposure to increases in mineral reserves and production Royalty holders generally benefit from improvements made to the scale of a mining operation. Exploration success, or lower cut-off grades as a result of rising commodity prices, can serve to increase economic reserves and resources. Increased reserves will extend a mine’s life, or facilitate an expansion of the existing operations. Any subsequent increases in production will generally result in higher royalty payments, without the requirement of the royalty holder to contribute to the cost of expanding or optimising the operation.
Exposure to commodity price upside Royalties provide exposure to underlying commodity prices. The Group expects to benefit from a rising commodity price environment, with the upside feeding through to increased royalty receipts.