Clarification of Dividend Timetable

By August 26, 2021Anglo Announcements

Anglo Pacific Group PLC (the “Company” or “Anglo Pacific”) (LSE: APF, TSX: APY) announces clarification of the dividend timetable. Following the move to reporting results in US dollars rather than in pound sterling the Company reconfirm that the Q1 2021 interim dividend of 1.75p, will be paid on 10 November to shareholders on the register at 8 October 2021.

Full Dividend Timetable

The timetable shown below, reiterates the interim dividend dates for 2021.

  Q1 2021 – interim Q2 2021 – interim Q3 2021 – interim
Ex-dividend date 07-Oct-21 25-Nov-21 06-Jan-22
Record date 08-Oct-21 26-Nov-21 07-Jan-22
Payment date 10-Nov-21 22-Dec-21 16-Feb-22
Amount 1.75p 1.75p 1.75p

The final dividend for 2021 will be determined based on the results for the year and growth opportunities executed or being progressed, and will be subject to shareholder approval at the 2022 AGM.

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