Directors’ Shareholdings

This information has been provided by the Group’s directors and the accuracy of this information has not been independently verified by the Group as at February 06, 2017.

Name Quantity Percentage
J. A. Treger 5,586,454 3.09%
D. Archer 20,000 0.01%
N. P. Meier 173,318 0.10%
R. H. Stan 147,540 0.08%
W. M. Blyth 126,822 0.07%
R. C. Rhodes 22,500 0.01%

Substantial Shareholdings

The Group has been notified, aside from the interests of Directors, of the following interests of 3% or more in the share capital of the Group at June 8, 2016.

Ordinary Shares at 2p each Representing
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP 17,388,541 10.48%
Aberforth Partners LLP 17,142,812 10.09%
Schroders PLC 12,210,712 7.19%
Ransome’s Dock Limited 7,489,360 4.51%
AXA Investment Managers UK (Framlington) 5,494,332 3.31%

Regulatory notifications of major shareholdings can be made to
Copies of received notifications are available through the News section of our website.
*Kings Chapel International Ltd is a connected person of Mr J. A. Treger